Community Housing

As our community has aged the role of Narrogin Cottage Homes has also evolved. Our village living homes can be a step for Seniors to consider as a way to reduce the need for a move to a residential aged care faciltiy. The village and the immediate service providers within the shire of Narrogin can offer assistance that enables residents to remain independent for longer.

Declining health is the key driver behind older people considering the move to a village and 89% of residents rank the ability to remain living independently as the most beneficial aspect of living in a village. Our homes are serviced by several community care providers (following the completion of the relevant assessments) and gardening and maintenance services can be provided directly by Narrogin Cottage Homes staff (where a small fee may apply).

Rental Homes

  • Restricted – asset conditions applied
  • Unrestricted – no conditions apply

Lease for Life Homes

Karinya Residential Care

As you grow older, you may find that you need more help with day-to-day tasks or health care which cannot be met in your own home. At this time in your life and with the support for your assessed health needs through an 'Aged Care Assessment', entry to a 'nursing home' environment may be beneficial.

You may need this extra help because of an illness, a disability, an emergency or because of the needs of your family, friends or carer. Staff in a residential home can help you with day-to-day tasks (such as cleaning, cooking, laundry); your personal care (such as dressing, grooming, going to the toilet); or 24-hour nursing care (such as wound care, catheter care).

Our residential care facility, commonly known as 'Karinya' to our community is owned by the community and operated under the auspices of a Board of Management approved by the Australian Government to care for you by providing either permanent, dementia or respite care.